Tragic frontal collision on the Parral-Durango highway leaves 4 dead and 12 injured

Sunday 4 June, 2023
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Tragic frontal collision on the Parral-Durango highway leaves 4 dead and 12 injured


In a tragic traffic accident on the Parral-Durango highway, a passenger bus carrying countrymen collided head-on with a private vehicle, leaving four people dead and twelve injured.

The incident occurred at kilometer 38 of the aforementioned highway, where a passenger truck belonging to the Turismo Plus del Guadiana company and a Hyundai Gran 10 compact car were involved in the fateful crash.

According to testimonies from witnesses and passengers, the car tried to carry out an overtaking manoeuvre, but upon noticing the presence of a heavy vehicle approaching from the opposite direction, the driver tried to avoid the impact by turning to the right. However, due to the closeness and speed, the car was struck on its rear flank, causing it to go off the road and roll several times.

As a result of the impact, four people lost their lives at the scene. One of the deceased was identified as Miguel Ángel Gómez López, a resident of the Tierra Blanca neighborhood in Durango, whose body was left on the asphalt tape. About 20 meters from the road and 10 meters from the damaged vehicle was Jorge Antonio Hernández Chaparro, 24 years old and originally from Huizache, Durango. Inside the car, the bodies of two other people who have not yet been identified were found. One of them wore a gray shirt, black pants, black sneakers, black hair and a beard, while the other wore a black shirt, blue jean pants, black sneakers, and short black hair.

Agents of the Public Ministry carried out the removal of the bodies and transferred them to the Forensic Medical Service to carry out the corresponding necropsy.

As for the bus passengers, several people were slightly injured. Among them are Tomas Galindo Subirías, 62; Delfino Lettuce Vargas, 66 years old; Julio Bugarin Guereca, 54 years old; Juan Bugarin Herrera, 28 years old; Evanjelina Herrera Peña, 55 years old; Maria de los Angeles Mercado Chavez, 28; Sergio Sanchez Villarreal, 64 years old; Amaide Nevárez Moreno, 67, all of them residents of Santiago Papasquiaro. In addition, Aldo Rocha Reyes, 72, residing in Tepehuanes; Angel Villa Hurtado, 55 years old; Graciela Anidare Carrasco, 56 years old; and Nohemí Barragán Gutiérrez, 62, residents of Nuevo Ideal, were also injured.

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Source: Paola Padilla from Sinaloahoy on 2023-06-03 15:13:47

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