Methamphetamine use, a factor in the increase in femicides and rapes: specialist

Monday 12 June, 2023
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CULIACÁN._ The increase in methamphetamine use has directly affected the increase in cases of femicide and rape, warned the head of the State Commission for the Prevention and Care of Addictions of the Ministry of Health of Sinaloa Martha Alicia Torres Reyes.

According to the specialist, this type of narcotic atrophies the brain region responsible for developing empathy, so people who use methamphetamine tend to be violent and commit crimes that affect the integrity of those around them.

“Methamphetamines in particular are showing in the different studies, from the qualitative perspective, that are carried out around the people who consume these drugs, it is precisely that they develop a tremendous potential for aggressiveness,” he said.

“The first thing that destroys the human being is empathy, so in this sense it is how a drug also degenerates the ability to develop the humanitarian part.”

Torres Reyes pointed out that methamphetamine also causes disorders such as jealousy in the consumer, which is why they behave aggressively with their partners.

“Within the last definitions or negative consequences that are already described as the effect of methamphetamine use is jealousy, and precisely that jealousy if we followed the trail from the time methamphetamine began to be consumed, we could statistically find that connection between the increase in femicides, among the increase in rapes,” he commented.

The specialist added that the chances of recovering a person who uses methamphetamine decrease depending on the time they have been consuming this drug.

“The possibility of recovering a person from that addiction is going to be less and less: the longer the exposure to the drug, the greater the damage and the less chance we have of recovering it,” he explained.

With a cutoff of May 17 and according to information from the Women’s Secretariat of Sinaloa nine femicides have been registered in the entity this year.

According to state figures, there is a decrease compared to the same period in 2022, when 12 femicides were registered during the first five months of that year.

In the early hours of this Sunday, a femicide was registered in the community of Ocoroni, belonging to Sinaloa Municipality.

Fany Patricia “N”, 36 years old, was beaten to death and her partner is being investigated as a possible femicide.

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