Policemen march in Culiacán demanding the dignity of their profession

Friday 16 June, 2023
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A group of 200 active and retired municipal police officers marched in the city of Culiacán, from the City Hall to the State Government Palace, to demand that the authorities dignify their profession.

This march was carried out within the framework of the celebrations of the Municipal Police Day, celebrated in some municipalities of Sinaloa this June 15.

In the march there were contingents from the different municipalities of Sinaloa made up of security officials attached to the municipal Public Security agencies.

The march was organized by the association Guerreros Unidos de Sinaloa a group that manages in favor of the labor rights of municipal police officers in the state.

“As in other professions, the police have been trampled on since presidents steal resources, and there is a historical lag in the state of Sinaloa where the Governor Rubén Rocha Moya himself is already aware and has instructed work groups to bring all those Municipal Presidents who have not complied”, accused Iván Ignacio Durán, leader of the movement.

“For not paying the salary that is established in the Public Security Law.”

The march culminated in the Government Palace, where the protesters met to launch slogans demanding their salaries.

In the inner courtyard of the state facilities, the priest Jaime Marvin Quintero Corrales held a mass in honor of the municipal police officers.

“There is a saying that who does not speak, God does not hear. You have to speak, you have to raise your voice, but you also have to unite your hearts in love, you have to unite with each other, because united we move forward. God invites us to live in unity”, said the Father.

“In your exercise as police officers, you suffer, you suffer from discrimination, that they see you with bad eyes, that those who are with you turn their backs on you.”

The demonstrators held a peaceful meeting at the Government Palace facilities for a couple of hours and withdrew without requesting a hearing with the state authorities.

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