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Wednesday 21 June, 2023
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Mazatlán, Sin.- Unanimously by the Cabildo in Plenary Session, Adda Sarahí Rosas Medina was appointed Secretary of the City Council during the Extraordinary session number 25.

The position had been vacant since last Friday. June 16 behind the resignation of Verenice Oleta Benitez Therefore, it was necessary to appoint a new owner.

You can read: Verenice Oleta leaves the secretary of the Mazatlán City Council

medina roses it was unmisting as Head of the Department of Legal Affairs of the City Council from the past April 3.


is Mazatec and Law degree from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

Before joining the City Council, she worked as director of Professionalization and Continuous Improvement of the Superior State Audit.

Was named Study and Account Secretary of the South Zone Regional Chamber of the Administrative Litigation Court of the State of Sinaloain it 2006

Secretary of Agreements of the South Zone Regional Chamber of the Administrative Court of the State of Sinaloa.

Head of Department of Legal Support of the General Directorate of Legal Affairs of the Superior State Audit, in 2020.

suitable profiles

In view of the situation that the City hall facing a series of million dollar demands against, the mayor Edgar González Zatarain pointed out the importance of having suitable profiles in the stalls, highlighting the career of Rosas Medina

“They have more to do with the professionalism, the search for improvements around the situation that this City Council lives today and everything that exists in the charge so strong in the courts, of the Legal Affairs Directorate, in the Secretariat itself, the Honorable Town Hall and, therefore, to advance in those issues that they have”, said.

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