Agriculture Sinaloa attends to producers and sets up a work table

Wednesday 21 June, 2023
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The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Sinaloa it installed technical registration desks to assist producers who were left out of the corn marketing plan and the Segalmex registry.

This attention corresponds to the fulfillment of a commitment acquired by the Government of Sinaloa which was proposed to defuse the demonstrations of producers that took place in Culiacán last week.

In the extraordinary registration, producers of up to 15 hectares will be served within the framework of the State Program for the Marketing of corn crops, at a price of 6,965 pesos per ton in Sinaloa.

During the work meeting with the leaders of producers that make up the technical committee of the Program, a wide range of details and concerns were expressed that will be resolved in order to find a possible solution for the benefit of small farmers.

Likewise, it was ratified that all producers may deliver their harvest to any winery in Sinaloa that has a quota, in addition to the fact that right there they will receive payment for the volume of grain that has been duly deposited.

At the meeting, the Segalmex representative for this program, Ana Cristina García Almanza, reported on the development of the process for the reception and purchase of corn in Sinaloa It is carried out in adherence to the operating rules established in advance to benefit small producers of Sinaloa.

The meeting was attended by the producer leader Baltazar Valdez Armenta; the local Deputy, Serapio Vargas Ramírez; the leaders Sandra Luz Mejía, Jesús Osval Meléndrez, Alejandro Angulo, José Manuel Sandoval, Roberto Valdez, Heraclio Montoya Montoya, Ramón Valenzuela, Gumaro López, Alejandro Angulo; as well as the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock, Jaime Montes Salas, and the Undersecretary Ramón Gallegos Araiza.

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