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Monday 14 August, 2023
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Party It is a window that offers the viewer a transport to the gay environment of 30 years ago and that contrasts how society has transformed the way of perceiving the LGBT+ community today.

Premiered on June 3, 1996, the play reached 400 performances and almost 30 years after that season, the actors Diego Tenorio, Dan Cervantes and Lalo Arredondo, who are part of the current cast, shared an interview with The Sun of México their experience participating in the project.

“It is a look at how life was lived before, I was born in 99 and I think it is interesting, it explains where we come from, everything that was suffered at that time. Reference is made to the HIV epidemic. It is interesting to see how, despite that tragedy, there were still these escapes and ways of living your life accompanied by your friends, with whom you had confidence and you could be yourself, bare your soul and your body”, commented Diego Tenorio, who plays to Andy.

“Back then, only with your friends could you be you. There was a stigma about being gay, in this play there are seven characters, each one with their life, different personalities, but they all have to hide it until they are with their friends, where they can free themselves and have fun,” added Dan Cervantes, who plays the cast. to Philip and other characters as a substitute actor.

Lalo Arredondo, who plays Brian, comments that the context of the current season of the project takes place in a different environment, more open. “We are not where we would like to be, but there is a huge abyss between what it was like to touch LGBTQ+ issues in the 90s. Before it was demonized, now the person who attacks or has something against the community is increasingly crucified. nothing else Party goes gay-themed, there are various theatrical productions that are not for the community, but for any human being. México has positioned itself as one of the countries with the most openness, ”she commented.

This new season premiered in July, gay pride month, and in that period, the actors have noticed a good response from all kinds of audiences.

“The best mirror in the theatrical genre is comedy, and there is precisely situational comedy, it is the situation that makes them laugh, sometimes not because it is funny but because of identification. There is nothing in the work that they have not experienced, it talks about friendship, falling in love, sexuality, physical contact, play, fun and everyone who is sitting in the seats knows that”, explained Dan Cervantes.

On the other hand, the three actors share that, being located in another era, the play uses the comedy of that time in its dialogues. “At some point jokes are made about mannered gays, masculine lesbians, many times the public does not understand that it is a work where the language was different. They have told us lesbophobes, fatphobes, when at that time the terms did not even exist, ” commented Lalo Arredondo.

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“We are used to the viewer becoming critical, it makes perfect sense, because socially we are at a time when we have tried to respect all minorities much more and consider all people. It has to do with a current echo”, added Dan Cervantes.

“We are simply showing how people were socialized at that time and the little knowledge they had, because there this content that we showed was the most open and diverse that could be found,” explained Diego Tenorio.

Party it is presented at the Marketeatro on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.; Saturday 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., and Sunday 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

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