170 Diconsa and Liconsa stores open in Sinaloa

Tuesday 5 September, 2023
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In Sinaloa The Segalmex Diconsa and Liconsa store program was officially restored, where the population will be able to purchase basic basket products at prices below their commercial price.

In total, 170 stores were opened in Sinaloa and were inaugurated from Estación Rosales, Culiacán, by Governor Rubén Rocha Moya and by the head of Mexican Food Security, Leonel Cota Montaño.

The state president stressed that through these community units, a large number of families benefit, since savings of at least 30 percent are obtained in the price of products.

”They will no longer have to buy in one place and then go to the other, one for milk and another for beans, no, right where and does it work for people? Of course it works for them, how much is a liter of milk worth? ordinary, how much is it worth? Twenty-five? Well, here it’s worth six pesos. Of course it’s worth it, it’s a price that helps,” said the Governor.

Cota Montaño announced that these stores will distribute Sinaloan corn for sale, as well as beans and milk, which will be purchased from local producers, especially from the north of the state at a price of 10.50 pesos per liter.

“I want to tell you that with the support of the Governor, these stores that are being reinstalled, we are going to make it possible for us to have a very punctual presence in Sinaloa. To date, Governor, we have been able to integrate 93 thousand 122 beneficiaries in Liconsa milk, there are 56 thousand 938 households, four liters per week, the milk will cost 6.50, ”said the head of Segalmex.

In the event was Juan de Dios Gámez Mendívil, Municipal President of Culiacán; Antonio Talamantes Heraldo, Director of Liconsa Operations; Omar López Campos, Delegate of Well-being Programs at Sinaloa; Joaquín Alberto Landeros Güicho, Secretary of Public Works; Víctor Hugo Pérez Rojas, Liconsa Supply Manager; Rodolfo Valenzuela Sánchez, Assistant Manager of Diconsa’s Culiacán Operating Unit; Marisela Chávez Gámez, Assistant Manager of Social Supply of Liconsa and Cristian Leonardo Pérez Román, Trustee of Culiacancito.

The Diconsa and Liconsa stores are Federal Government companies for the distribution of subsidized food and dairy products.

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