The monogenists became dizzy and corrupted

Tuesday 3 October, 2023
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The former mayors of: Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro and of Mazatlán, Guillermo Benítez, are the clearest examples of politicians who got “dizzy” and believed that due to their sympathies and popularity they had managed to be re-elected in 2021but actually It was because of the brand Morena and the support that the electorate gave to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador but the worst of all is that They became corrupt and were deposed.

During his first term in the mayor’s office, Estrada Ferreiro, people could no longer tolerate his rudeness and then got worse: he treated police widows with the tip of his foot, opposed discounts for retirees on drinking water and finally bought trucks without bidding and at overpriced prices.

“El Químico” Benítez committed the most detestable actions was in the pre-campaign for governor reviling the now governor Rubén Rocha, He called himself a close friend of AMLO and therefore he felt untouchable until he faced the harsh reality of dismissal by the million-dollar purchase of luminaires with an exorbitant surcharge and a host of outrages.

In Guasave, former mayor Aurelia Leal “did not sing the rancheras badly”for a time he maintained the city turned into a huge garbage dump and then he barely achieved a protected deputation under the pretext of the quota for having indigenous ancestry. In Ahome the pure Morenistas have not yet managed to govern first they displaced them with the concession of the mayor’s office that they gave to Billy Chapman by the PT and then they were displaced by the Clover force of Gerardo Vargas who now has control of the party.

For him 2024 The political class knows that the “brand Morena” is almost a guarantee of victory, that is why deputies like: Ana Elizabeth Ayala, Cecilia Covarrubias and César Guerrero they seek to be candidates for mayor, to be re-elected in their deputies or to jump to a federal deputy and for that reason former PRI members or PAN members such as: Chano Valle, Faustino Hernández, Marcos Osuna, Fernando Pucheta, Alejandro Higuera and Roberto Cruz among others, have deserted their original parties and jumped to the 4T for stay on budget.

Potpourri. Even in the national press, the strong land and air operation carried out over the weekend by the armed forces, with elements of the Army and the National Guard who flew over the most intricate places in the Badiraguato mountain range in helicopters and small planes, on the limits of Sinaloa and Chihuahua.

Because they are the domains of the cartel “Chapo” Guzmán Loera who is imprisoned in USA it was immediately speculated that they are now looking for the others “chapitos“, after they arrested Ovidio Guzman and that they extradited him.

PRAYERS. By begging Domingo Vázquez to be the candidate of the Broad Front for México, the PRI and PAN members give up early and accept that they do not have their own winning candidates. Yes, multiple applications are surely reserved.

WATER. Don’t let the catastrophic one win us, there is 40 percent of water in Miguel Hidalgo and October is the month of cyclones.

“Morena It does not dilute when someone arrives”: Merary Villegas, president of Morena.

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Source: Tomás Chávez from DEBATE on 2023-10-02 02:24:51

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