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Monday 30 October, 2023
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SALAMANCA. As if it were a workday more, one seeking mother from early in the morning and with a positive attitude he goes out every day with his own means and with the support of the State Commission on Missing Persons hoping to find your familiar missing.

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The members of the United Salamanca Brigade Searching for Disappeared They carry out their activities for more than eight hours with the few tools they have to locate their missing. El Sol de Salamanca accompanied them on a day to record a little of what they face with their hands on the ground.

With tennis or with boots light clothing and long sleeves, after previously organized, the search mothers meet at a point in the municipality of Salamanca. Guanajuato, where, with the company of Human Rights, the State Commission and the National Guard, the Mexican Army and the Public Security Forces of the State of Guanajuato leave for a point that has been studied and, through messages, is cataloged as a place where they can locate human remains.

“We feel that our lives are in danger by going about this search for our relatives, but no one else knows how we feel, because those who comment do not have a missing son, brother or husband, like those of us who carry out these activities every day in very hidden and remote places in the city. When we find the remains from someone we feel immense joy. Knowing that another person can return home to her family,” said one of the searchers.

After a journey of less than an hour or more, the mothers they start their search but not before entrusting ourselves to God to make it a positive day

Under the rays of the sun, the searching mothers and fathers They cover their faces to avoid any problems, and it also helps them avoid being recognized by the locals in the area where these events take place. inspections.

“I don’t want this to stay like this, lives have already been claimed for doing this job, they killed my niece and two other searchers and it won’t be fair to me that one day I won’t be here anymore. I’d rather die on the line than say that no longer; we have very identified points where we know they are our relatives“commented another mother, who is looking for her son.

Picks, shovels and rods have become their daily companions. These artifacts They are the ones who know how they feel every day. Although the terrain to be searched seems wide, for the members of the Brigade The dimensions to look for are not the limitation.

The firm step and every detail of the ground are essential for the seeking mothers.

To determine if a point is positive, they take into account important points such as the irregularity of the area since when you poke the place with the rod it should be embedded without any problem, and if when you remove it it has an odor called bromhidrosis which is commonly called body odor, is corroborated by the canine pair, which leads to its removal from the earth.

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“Some tell us that we are crazy for doing this work, but they took our lives away from us when our parents disappeared. relatives and we feel ugly when we hear those comments,” said María, another of the seeking mothers.

To date, the Salamanca United Search Brigade Searching for Missing Persons has a list of around 200 missing people. Alma Lilia, spokesperson for the Brigade, indicated that despite the efforts in some of the inspections they have managed to locate and bring the missing persons to her family.

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