No one can force you to tip; this is what Canirac says

Monday 13 November, 2023
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Mazatlán.- Has it happened to you that in some restaurants they force you to pay a tip and impose a percentage on you? The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry of Mazatlán calls for reporting any anomaly like this.

President Erick Mandujano Caro mentioned that this is not allowed in any restaurant. Therefore, the complaint must be made directly to the manager or, if present, to the owner. These bad practices, he emphasizes, generate a bad image in the sector.

«It is an issue that has arisen, they are particular situations. This is not a restaurant problem, but a people problem. We work a lot on training and awareness, emphasizing that tips must be earned. “It is forbidden to even suggest it,” she declared.

Erick Mandujano Caro
President of the Canaco Mazatlán

On social networks, Internet users have expressed their annoyance, because in some restaurants, when presenting the bill, waiters automatically charge the 15 percent tip without consulting, even though this should be voluntary. This practice has generated displeasure among customers, who have recommended avoiding these establishments.

Upon detection of this situation, Mandujano Caro points out that, in the first instance, a call is made to all staff, and if they are detected or reported, they are subject to sanctions.

“The tip is given depending on the service they give you as a consumer. It should not be suggested… they are warned first, a call is made, and a third party is a matter of dismissal. Yes, it is an issue that goes against restaurant rules,” he said.

The challenge for restaurateurs, he added, lies in maintaining constant dynamism in staff training, creating working conditions that allow optimal performance of workers and, most importantly, ensuring an adequate salary for all, as well as incentives to maintain high motivation levels.

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Source: Fernanda Magallanes from Punto MX on 2023-11-12 10:22:29

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