UN maintains urgent action in the case of the disappearance of Sugey Parra in Mazatlán

Monday 13 November, 2023
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Two years after his disappearance in the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa and one year after the United Nations (UN) issued an urgent action on the case of Sugey Parra Hernández, Alma, his mother, denounces omissions on the part of the authorities of Sinaloa and from Coahuila.

According to the mother, the urgent action admitted by the UN Committee on Forced Disappearances remains open because her fate and whereabouts have not been clarified by the Mexican State, and it even asks to transmit new recommendations and a second report.

“Unfortunately, absolutely nothing has been done and the action is supposed to be that, urgent, and well, one year that was ordered by the UN but there has been no progress. There is no follow-up, it’s been two months since I went to Sinaloa”I took some clues that they had seen my daughter in Culiacán and to date there is no follow-up where they had supposedly seen her,” the mother of the family publicly denounced.

There was never any support from the authorities of the State of Durango, and from Coahuila, “the lawyer (Fernando) Vela (public ministry of Missing Persons) no longer even receives me.”

Alma Hernández’s fear is that her daughter will be the victim of another crime.

“We would like to point out that the possibility that Sugey is absent under his own will has never been presumed, but rather that from the beginning of the search, it is possible to assume the fact that he is in a situation that is the victim of a crime. Therefore, any hypothesis in which Sugey can communicate is impossible,” declared Lucía Razo, member of the Human Rights Center, Fray una de Larios, which has provided support to her family.

Another omission on the part of the authorities of the State Prosecutor’s Office Sinaloa is the call sheet, which was not delivered and two years after that request, he fears that it will not be possible to recover it.

According to Hernández, there has been no clue regarding David Garay Quiñónez, with whom his daughter traveled to the port of Mazatlán.

“In fact, I have not had any clue about the young man. The lady (mom) doesn’t look for it, she gets upset if anyone mentions it, she even reported me once, I don’t understand. For a while she was looking for him, and since November 2021 she stopped looking for him,” Alma commented.

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