“Barbasul”, A Creative Corner for Urban Art Lovers in Mazatlán

Monday 20 November, 2023
1 min read

*A space of inspiration and creativity *The origin of barbasul Mayk Cabrales, a young graphic designer and lover of photography, has given life to a unique space in Mazatlán dedicated to graffiti and urban art. His store, “Barbasul,” is much more than a simple establishment; It is a meeting point for artists and street creativity enthusiasts. The story behind “Barbasul” goes back a few years, to the art collective “buque,” to which Mayk belonged, and where he was looking for a name that connected with the sea and the port of Mazatlán, inspired by an original name, which evokes the image of legendary pirates, such as Black Beard and Red Beard, fusing the words to create something truly unique. Initially, Mayk started selling spray cans, but his vision grew over time, now, “Barbasul” offers a wide variety of t-shirts from independent and local brands, as well as his own brand products, it is a place where artists can find the tools to express your creativity on the walls of the city.


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