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Monday 18 December, 2023
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Mazatlán, Sin.- The Mazatlán City Council has in his against around 3 thousand active lawsuits of which, for next year, there are already payment sentences that They amount to 300 million pesos.

Mayor Edgar González Zataráin He pointed out that this year they were budgeted 200 million pesos for the payment of lost claims, of which around 180 million, because updates were agreed and interests that amounted to 90 million and another 200 were budgeted for 2024.

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“If more have arrived than they are programming for next year, for the next budget, this year we did not arrive, we did not spend the 200 million that were they budgeted Obviously next year there will be sentences of around 300 million and we are here. tagging 200said.

What type are the demands?

The municipality mentioned that the bulk of the demands have to do with compensation for occupation of land for the construction of roads, streets and avenues, some that were made in the triennia of Alejandro Higuera, Jorge Abel, Fernando Pucheta and even of Mario Huerta in the 70s, but they are hardly being claimed due to the capital gains that the land has acquired; He assured that none of them are current.

González Zataráin assured that there are many people involved in this issue, from courts to workers of the City Council of the department of Legal issues in collusion with the plaintiffs so that the trials were lost and in this way the municipal coffers were looted.

To know

Of the three thousand active lawsuits some already have a payment sentence for 300 million pesos by 2024fiscal year for which the City Council budgeted 200 million pesos.

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