So far, there is no increase in the price of tortillas in 2024 – El Sol de Mazatlán

Monday 1 January, 2024
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So far, there is no increase in the price of tortillas in 2024 – El Sol de Mazatlán


Culiacán, Sin. -After the situation currently experienced in the white corn production in the state and which is the main product for the creation of flour and tortilla processing the president of the dough and tortilla industrialists, Rafael Uriarte Quiroz reported that so far it has not been presented no concern on the part of the flour mills to increase their costs.

Given this, the industrialist mentioned that until now has not been considered to give a price increase of tortillas.

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Years ago, on these same dates we would already have news of an increase in flours but so far the industrial“, he pointed.

Likewise, he recognizes that a very complicated issue is coming up with regarding corn since there will be less planting of this grain due to the lack of water in the dams.

The leader of the tortilla makers regretted that Sinaloa do not have enough water to guarantee corn planting, and with it the production of its main products such as tortilla.

Rafael Uriarte knows that there will be damage in many sectors due to the lack of water and that includes them, because in the end corn grain is needed to make the flour for process tortillas; However, no information has been given on increases in supplies as are flours.

We know that overnight we receive news of the increase. If it reaches us, we have to make the adjustment to be able to continue. operating since we always use a margin, to not close curtains, to not fire employees despite the freedom of the price of the tortilla”, he indicated.


The price agreed upon in the state is 26 pesos per kilogram and some have remained for months at 25 pesos but in other states like Sonora the price is around 31 pesos per kilogram.

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