Video of missing young people in Lagos de Moreno revives the years of the worst violence in México: AP

Monday 1 January, 2024
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México CITY (AP).— An execution video that supposedly contains the last moments alive of five young people kidnapped in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, has transported the country to the darkest days of cartel brutality in the decade of 2000.

The Jalisco state prosecutor’s office said it was investigating the recording, which began to circulate massively this Wednesday, and the relatives of the group of five missing friends told the media that the clothes seen in the video resembled those of their boys. .

The recording shows two bound, inert and bloody bodies lying in the foreground. But someone is also seen off-screen throwing a brick at another young man—who could be one of the kidnapped—so that he hits a fourth person whom he also apparently decapitates.

The clothing they are wearing resembles that which appears in a photo posted online and in which the young people were tied up but alive.

“That video and that information that was made public on a social network are also now part of the investigation,” Luis Méndez Ruiz, Jalisco’s attorney general, said Tuesday afternoon.

In the video, a text appears written on the image that says “Puro MZ”, an apparent reference to Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, one of the leaders of the cartel. Sinaloa but it is not clear who is responsible for the recording.

“We are facing an event evidently linked to organized crime,” said the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro. “We are facing irrational, violent and direct attacks on the stability of Jalisco that demand a reaction from the Mexican State.”

He added that he understood “the fear that these types of events generate” but asked to close ranks with the authorities to “recover the peace and tranquility that these criminals have stolen from us.”

If confirmed, the recording would revive the most brutal cases of organized crime in México, when some groups forced their kidnappers to kill each other.

In 2010, a Mexican cartel kidnapped men on passenger buses and forced them to fight each other with sledgehammers to the death. Later it was learned that it was Los Zetas who acted like this with those who refused to work for them.

That tragedy came to light in 2011 when authorities found 48 clandestine graves with the bodies of 193 people in Tamaulipas. Most had their skulls crushed with sledgehammers and many were Central American migrants.

The five young people from Jalisco disappeared on Friday in Lagos de Moreno, a violent area where the group of friends went to attend a festival. From that moment on, a search operation was organized.

According to the prosecutor, everything indicates that the four young people in the video are the missing ones and the fifth could allegedly correspond to a body that appeared in a burned-out car in the area of ​​the disappearance.

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Source: AP from Proceso on 2023-12-30 12:50:01

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