AMLO recognizes flaws in the operation of Mexicana and Tren Maya, but says there is time to correct them

Monday 8 January, 2024
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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognized failures in projects such as the relaunch of the Mexican airline and the Mayan Train, due to the cancellation of departures and delays in its operation.

“We are seeing, it is like the medicine thing, that the train, like the Mexicana planes, leave on time, arrive punctually, that we do not fail in anything and as Rosa Icela (Rodríguez) mentioned here, we are pending and everyone is doing their I work so that less time is spent, that there are no failures in the equipment because they are new trains and the technicians are there ensuring that they do not fail,” he said during the morning conference on Friday.

Last November, the renewed Mexican Aviation airline, operated by the Ministry of National Defense, suspended flights to destinations that had already been paid for and postponed their takeoff until December 26.

The destinations canceled by the airline were Bajío, Ciudad Juárez, Campeche, Chetumal, Cancún, Cozumel, Hermosillo, La Paz, Mérida, San José del Cabo and Tijuana.

Meanwhile, the Mayan Train, which has been inaugurated only in sections and stations, registered delays on its first day of operations.

He even canceled tours in the last days of 2023, despite the fact that the President inaugurated a second section of the megaproject on December 31.

“In the case of airplanes we have had fewer problems on Mexicana flights, there is more punctuality, in the case of trains we have had more problems, but everything will be corrected, of course that is the important thing about starting early, because It gives us time to put things right,” he explained.

At the end of 2023, the President said he was “satisfied” with the results of his government in terms of public works with the inauguration of the Mayan Train or the Megapharmacy.

“(We will close) well, as we are now, so imagine what the closing will be like. I’m not going to exaggerate. I am satisfied with these results now; That is, we continue inaugurating works. “I really liked the inauguration of the megapharmacy,” said López Obrador after inaugurating another section of the Mayan Train.

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