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Monday 29 January, 2024
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Mazatlán, Sin.- In full deterioration and with a evident lack of maintenance is found popular market of the flowers of Mazatlán so its tenants they regretted the state of decay in which the authorities have left.

Among the most obvious problems are the lack of paint within the local, sheets falls and the evil aspect that this day For this reason, the tenants they argue that it is difficult to work in market.

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“If it is somewhat complicated to work with him market in these lousy conditions we try to keep it clean but if you look, well, some sheets falls You can already see the lack of paint It also makes it look bad, but that’s how we try to continue, no matter how difficult it is. work in these conditionscommented Maria Lopez, worker of a position flowers inside the market.

Despite their deteriorated appearance, the premises that are dedicated to sale of flowers have managed to maintain a loyal clientele, who come regularly in search of arrangements floral for diverse occasions like the day of mothers the celebrations of November 1 and 2, among many others, day of Valentine’s Day among others.

Merchants in this sector recognized that the appearance of the market this careless but they assure that this situation has not come affecting to your sales.

Delfino Sanchez Manrriquez assured that, despite the remarkable deterioration the situation has not affected their sales, as they are always an option for those looking for some arrangement floral.

“We are always an option for everyone. That is, we see people who promotes in networks and we know that people are going to buy but the mazatlecos usually they come to buy your arrangements here, it’s worth a hat if it’s wrong state of course sometimes it looks lonely, but the truth is that these are the seasons and the occasions the ones that we stand out the salessaid the salesman.

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At the moment, around 20 locations They continue to provide their services in the Mazatlán Flower Market.

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