Chiapas: the factors behind the cartel war

Monday 12 February, 2024
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Chiapas: the factors behind the cartel war


México CITY (apro).— The dispute over migrant trafficking, control by illicit economies such as kidnapping, the dispossession of property from the local population and extortion, and the need to influence local politics are three factors that are behind the war between criminal groups in Chiapas, according to the Insight Crime study center.

The think tank based in Washington and Medellín published an analysis on the escalation of violence in the southern entity this Thursday, the same day that in his morning conference President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that the decision was made to have more presence of the National Guard in that area, where people feel threatened and without protection.

“And there was also a bit of a complaint from the builders, that the gangs were threatening them, and the National Guard is also there,” said the president, who considered that the number of people displaced by the violence is not significant.

–And because of that war there, how many people have already been displaced? – López Obrador was asked.

–Very few, very few, and we are waiting and the situation has already calmed down quite a bit, quite a bit, and we have a presence.

– How many people have left or had to leave?

– I don’t have the data, but it is not significant.

A long war

According to Insight Crime, the escalation of violence in Chiapas appears to be the result of a prolonged war between the Cártal Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and the Cártel de Sinaloa.

The dispute between both factions responds to the fight for control of the state of Chiapas, whose border with Guatemala has turned it into an epicenter of illicit trafficking of goods and people, the analysis mentions.

Founded in 2010, Insight Crime is a non-profit organization that brings together investigators from half a dozen countries, specializing in organized crime and citizen security issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Insight Crime was one of the platforms – along with ProPublica and Deutsche Welle – that on January 30 published a report on the DEA investigation related to alleged contributions from drug trafficking to López Obrador’s first presidential campaign in 2006.

Your report on Chiapas indicates that, previously, the Cartel Sinaloa dominated the southern border municipalities of that state, but the CJNG has disputed the power of its rival since 2021 with the aim of obtaining control over the trafficking routes of migrants, drugs and weapons, according to internal documents generated by the Secretary of the National Defense (Sedena) between 2020 and 2022 and extracted by the Guacamaya hacker group.

The three factors of the war in Chiapas

Insight Crime highlights three factors behind the struggle between criminal organizations in the entity:

  • Migrant trafficking routes on the rise. According to his investigations, organizations such as the Cartel de Sinaloa They generate charges of at least $100 per migrant for traveling the routes controlled by the group.
  • Other criminal economies. The CJNG and the Cartel Sinaloa They face each other for control of kidnapping, the dispossession of property from the local population and extortion. The floor charge initially affected Chiapas carriers; However, it has spread to other sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, the analysis highlights.
  • Interest in influencing politics. Looking ahead to the state elections in June, “organized crime groups are fighting, on the one hand, for votes, but also for the administration of the territory,” said a member of the National Network of Civil Human Rights Organizations who spoke with InSight Crime on condition of anonymity.

Posters, concludes the analysis will be favored by the profits from synthetic drug trafficking and the growing migratory flow, which will fuel their ability to exercise violence against applicants with the objective of protecting and benefiting their operations.

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