Peña, el Peje, Pucheta, But the Most Mentioned for the Burning of Bad Mood is the “Chemical” Benítez

Monday 18 March, 2024
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*A survey among Mazatlecos *Even the mother-in-law entered the woodpile It seems that people do not forget, since it has been almost 30 years since Carlos Salinas governed, but people mention him to “burn off” the bad mood before the holidays Mazatlán International Carnival 2024; also the former president Enrique Peña Nieto, the Peje Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the former mayor Fernando Pucheta and, again, they want the former mayor, the chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, at the stake. Others interviewed in the surroundings of the historic municipal market “José María Pino Suárez” say that the “landlord” for a rat, the Jumapan for the issue of drainage and the overflow of sewage and the few even the “mother-in-law” or the undesirable son-in-law . Of those mentioned above: Salinas and the chemist Benítez are the most helpful for revenge and venting in the pile of green firewood at the country’s carnivals, in the case of former president Salinas, and Benítez among the Buenos Aires residents who remain aggrieved. by the former mayor. Let’s better watch this humorous video report by Sinaloa online…


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