Argentina Sub 23 team defeats México in Mazatlán

Monday 25 March, 2024
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Mazatlán.- The Argentine Sub 23 Team beat the Mexican National Sub 23 Team 4-2, in a night full of emotions at the El Encanto Stadium in Mazatlán.

The albiceleste team, led by Javier Mascherano, struggled in the actions in a duel that became give and take, as México sold the defeat at home dearly.

Come read Argentina U23 National Team knows the El Encanto Mazatlán grass

Argentina wasted its talent on the field and before half an hour of play they were leading 2-0, but México stepped on the accelerator and sent the duel tied at half-time.


The Argentine boys improved in the second half, and a couple of quality slaps were enough to turn the game around and win, because they had better management of the match.

Night of emotions given by the Argentine and Mexican National Team in Mazatlán

The actions were very entertaining during the first half, where the two teams showed a pleasant face on the pitch, full of emotion, goals and fun.

México had the first arrival at the rival goal with a shot from outside the area by Jordan Carillo, but it would be the Argentines who opened the scoring.

Mexican defender Emilio Lara caused a maximum penalty, which the Argentines took advantage of to open the scoring with a penalty taken in good form by Thiago Almada, in the 13th minute.

The albiceleste began to move the pace of the match against some Aztec Warriors who seemed disconcerted and in the 25th minute, Argentina made it 2-0 with a great goal from Matías Soulé.

Mexican coach Ricardo Cadena shouted a few times to wake up the Warriors, and Rodrigo Huescas made an excellent play on the right wing and with a precise pass to attacker Ettson Ayón, he sent the ball away in the 32nd minute.

México would manage to go into the break with a 2-2 tie, after Jordan Carillo took a shot and Ettson Ayón appeared on the rebound at minute 45+2, going into the break tied.


A fatal second half for México

At the start of the second half, the Argentine Under 23 Team in Mazatlán regained the lead on the scoreboard, because in the 49th minute of running time, Pablo Solari took a shot that was saved by the Mexican goalkeeper, but the rebound was left to Lucas Beltrán, who pushed the round into the back of the net.

The duel remained even on the court, two teams with pleasant proposals with arrivals in both areas, becoming a back and forth with medium and long distance shots.


México would look for an equalizer from a set piece, Andrés Montaño took a shot that was saved in a great way by the goalkeeper.

The Argentine National Team made it 4-2 thanks to Lucas Beltrán in the 69th minute, sealing the victory for the Argentines.

To know

The Under 23 teams of México and Argentina faced each other in four official tournaments, all in the Pan American Games, with a balance of two wins for the albiceleste, one draw and one victory for Azteca.

  • March 24, 1995 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, 0-0, victory for Argentina on penalties
  • August 8, 2003 in the Dominican Republic, 4-3, victory for Argentina
  • October 28, 2011 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, 1-0, victory for México
  • August 1, 2019, in Lima, Peru, 2-1, victory for Argentina


The U-23 National Teams met in 2019 in two preparation matches that were also held in México, in the cities of Pachuca and Ciudad Juárez, with ties in both matches.

Now in the first duel of two scheduled, Argentina won.

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