INE draws order of participation in the Presidential Debate

Monday 25 March, 2024
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México CITY.- The National Electoral Institute, INE, draws the order of participation in the first presidential debate 2024.

The candidates running for the Presidency of México will participate in the debate, which will take place on April 7.

According to the draw, the first to participate will be Claudia Sheinbaum, candidate of the Let’s Keep Making History Coalition, which makes up the parties. Morena Labor Party and Green Party.

The second to participate will be Jorge Álvare Máynez, from Movimiento Ciudadano.

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The third to participate will be Xóchitl Gálvez, who is running under the acronym of the Strength and Heart Coalition for México, which is made up of the National Action, Institutional Revolutionary and Democratic Revolution parties.

Likewise, the position in which the participants in the debate should be placed was drawn: Sheinbaun will be in the right corner, Álvarez Máynez in the center, while Gálvez will be in the left corner.

INE also raffles participation of moderators

By lottery, the INE also determined the order of participation of the moderation indicated in the list of the first debate.

The moderator who will participate first will be Manuel López San Martín and moderator two will be Denise Maerker.

The INE received 24 thousand questions for the first presidential debate; Of those 24 thousand, 108 will be selected.

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