There are already 58 people released from the 66 missing

Monday 25 March, 2024
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Mazatlán, Sin. The owner of the Ministry of Public Security in Sinaloa, Gerardo Merida Sanchez announced that “after intense search efforts”58 of the 66 people reported missing in Culiacan They are now safe in their homes.

On Saturday, the governor of Sinaloa the morenista, Ruben Rocha Moya, reported the release of 42 people. This Sunday it was reported that another 16 individuals – 12 adults and 4 minors – returned to their homes, raising the total of rescued people to 58. The whereabouts of eight individuals are still unknown.

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All the minors deprived of their liberty last Friday have already been released, reported the governor of Sinaloa the morenista Ruben Rocha Moya.

In a message on his X account he said that eight people remain deprived of liberty.

He specified that of the 66 pardons raised, Up to this moment, 58 people have already been located, of which 36 are adults and 22 girls and boys..

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“I emphasize that all the girls and boys are already in their homes” he indicated.

He pointed out that State authorities will maintain the search operation until we find the people whose whereabouts are still unknown.

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