Banda El Recodo plans a great ‘pachanga’ in their town

Monday 1 April, 2024
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Mazatlán. – The town of El Recodo is located 27.3 kilometers southeast of Mazatlán, in Sinaloa, and this year it will celebrate its 200th anniversary of founding. It received its name since 1822 due to the angle that the Presidio River forms in that place. For this special occasion, a great celebration is expected with the stellar presence of the Banda El Recodo.

During the inauguration of the Callejón de Don Cruz Lizárraga in his hometown, on February 26, Alfonso “Poncho” Lizárraga highlighted the pride that comes with celebrating in a place where “The Mother of all Bands” was born more than 80 years ago. the Banda El Recodo.

He pointed out that this year marks 200 years of the town, officially called El Recodo, since it was previously known as Canta Rana and before that as Requisio, which was the surname of the first people who arrived at the place. They will seek to hold a special celebration for the town of El Recodo, where the band has not performed in a long time.

«I would like to be able to be playing this year in the town where the band was born. Banda El Recodo, the town where Don Cruz Lizárraga was born and celebrated the 200 years of this beautiful town that has given us so much. We would gladly eat some red tamales, which were my dad’s favorites,” he mentioned.

Plans of the El Recodo Band for 2025

Although we are only in the fourth month of the year 2024, the band is already thinking about next year, which will be important for various reasons, the most significant being the 30th death anniversary of the ‘Father of the Bands’, Don Cruz Lizárraga, who passed away on June 17, 1995, after having completed his career as a legend of this musical genre.

Banda El Recodo

“Poncho” Lizárraga mentioned that they are planning a tribute to remember his father’s life and legacy, as well as his continued influence on banda music and the group El Recodo.

«I am sure that we will do something special, something that is hand in hand with what Don Cruz Lizárraga represents and continues to represent for us as a family and as a group. We will be working on something well done,” he added.

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In an interview, he was asked about Julio Preciado, who could retire from music during the 2025 Mazatlán International Carnival, when he would be celebrating 25 years since he was King of Joy.

“I love Julio very much, his reasons will have to be able to say up to this point. I think it is also human to recognize when he has to make decisions. He has our support, I didn’t know about that. I think it will be quite interesting next year (2025). I imagine he will want to be part of the Carnival,” he concluded.

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