Children of the person allegedly responsible for Camila’s feminicide are detained in Taxco; They link the taxi driver to the process

Monday 1 April, 2024
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The Prosecutor’s Office Guerrero reported that this Saturday it arrested two other people allegedly involved in Camila’s femicide, identified as the children of Ana Rosa Díaz Aguilar, the alleged perpetrator in the case and who died as a result of the beatings.

Authorities indicated that, after completing an arrest warrant, Axel “N” and a minor were detained when they were identified for their probable responsibility in the minor’s case.

The Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that the defendants were read their rights and were placed at the disposal of a judge.

However, he did not share details about the health status of the detainees who were also beaten by residents of Taxco who tried to lynch them for their alleged responsibility in Camila’s femicide.

Taxi driver allegedly involved in feminicide of minor is linked to trial

The Prosecutor’s Office Guerrero reported that this Saturday it linked to proceedings and issued justified preventive detention to José “N”, the taxi driver allegedly involved in the feminicide of the minor Camila, which occurred on March 27 in Taxco de Alarcón.

Through a statement, it was detailed that the Prosecutor’s Office completed an arrest warrant against José “N” on March 28.

The man was detained by elements of the Ministerial Investigative Police (PIM) and after reading his rights he was placed at the disposal of the Control and Criminal Prosecution Judge of Guerrero.

On March 29, a hearing was held where the Prosecutor’s Office Guerrero through the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of the northern zone, presented elements and data that were analyzed by a judge, who declared the order of connection to the process and issued the precautionary measure of justified preventive detention, according to a statement.

So far there are three people arrested for their alleged responsibility in the feminicide of the eight-year-old girl.

Governor Evelyn Salgado assures that Camila’s femicide will not go unpunished

Evelyn Salgado Pineda, governor of Guerrero shared on his X account the information from the Prosecutor’s Office about the minor’s case and stated that “this tragic event will not go unpunished.”

Likewise, he assured that he continues to work closely with the corresponding authorities so that the full weight of the law is applied.

One day after finding Camila’s lifeless body, the state president condemned the events and ordered the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate them “expeditiously, promptly and effectively.”

Likewise, he assured that since he had information about the case, he instructed the person in charge of the office of the General Secretariat of Government of the State of Guerrero Anacleta López Vega, establish permanent contact and provide all necessary support to the minor’s family.

In addition, he expressed that the violet protocol was activated immediately once Camila’s disappearance was known, followed by an operation to locate her. However, it was the relatives who managed to locate the alleged perpetrators thanks to the neighbors’ security cameras.

They say goodbye to Camila with a caravan and her last roll call

Family and friends said goodbye to Camila, the eight-year-old girl who disappeared and was later found dead early last Thursday.

The second grade A teacher at the Niño Artillero Primary School gave the last roll call for the girl and after mentioning “Vélez Ortega, Camila”, the 29 minors in the group responded “Presente” on behalf of their classmate and burst into tears.

Dressed in white and with balloons of the same color, friends, family and residents of Taxco brought flowers in the funeral procession. “Princess Camilla” could be read on her coffin, which was carried by a group of women.

After watching over the 8-year-old girl all night at the Angeles Funeral Home, a body mass was offered where the Catholic priest expressed to Camila’s family how difficult it is to weave death with childhood and asked them to see the farewell as “the beginning of a new life, which is eternal.”

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