Concert in English on Mazatlán beach questioned after restrictions on band musicians

Monday 1 April, 2024
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México CITY (apro).- They broadcast a concert video in English on Mazatlán beach –through TikTok–, which has led social media users to question the type of music that is allowed in this tourist city.

@elmiguerubioAmericans also make their scandal on the beaches of Mazatlán? This is Mazatlán, the land of the bands.

? original sound – elmiguerubio

In recent days, hotel business owners and citizens have faced off in a debate on social networks, due to the former’s complaints about the “noise” caused by banda music on the beaches of that tourist destination. Although hoteliers have also pointed out the problem of cars and transportation, the issue of music is defended by many citizens.

After a meeting between businessmen from the tourism industry, city council authorities and musicians, an agreement was reached on the decibel restrictions, the schedule to play on the beaches of Mazatlán, as well as the zoning of the areas that could be bands and the limit on the number of members per band.

The measures were protested by musicians yesterday, March 27, in the streets of that entity, when they made blockades and played their instruments, before being attacked by police officers; Later – at night – they faced each other.

“There is the scandal in the hotels, just because they are Americans, no one tells them anything,” a user criticized the music concert in English, which took place on a beach in Mazatlán, in front of a hotel. “To the bands in Sinaloa “They want to take us off the beach and let the Americans make whatever scandal they want,” he said.

The video also asks if you can report that music if other people don’t like it. Other users wrote their opinions in the video, criticizing the businessmen’s position and in support of Sinaloan musicians.

According to the city council, the permitted hours during this holiday season are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., as shared on their Facebook page. According to the page –also on Facebook–, Oye Mazatlán, an agreement was reached whereby “the Sinaloan banda musicians will be able to work until 10:00 pm.”

Now, Mazatlán is preparing for the Guinness record, for “the largest Sinaloa band performance in the world.” The publication was made by Oye Mazatlán, through his Facebook account.

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Source: La Redacción from Proceso on 2024-03-29 06:19:13

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