Entrepreneurs and merchants no longer feel the hard, but the thick

Monday 1 April, 2024
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Entrepreneurs and merchants no longer feel the hard, but the thick


Mazatlán. – The initiative to increase the bonus payment from 15 to 30 days is not attached to the reality that companies live because many already ‘endure’ the taxes that have been applied to them, as expressed by Francis Cázares Oliveros, president of Canaco Mazatlán.

Upon assuming office as the first female president of the Chamber of Commerce, Mazatlán Section, Cázares Oliveros requested a more equitable stance on the part of the government towards the business sector, and called on the authorities not to increase taxes on the productive sector, as proposes new legislation that seeks to double the bonus to 30 days.

Although it recognizes the importance of prioritizing the well-being of employees, with measures such as increasing the vacation period and reducing the working day to 40 hours a week, it questions when the government will assume its obligations to employers.

“What do you think of entrepreneurs, job creators? Where are they? They call us fifís instead of calling us entrepreneurs, generators of employment, of the economy; They only think about themselves (government), but businessmen are being wiped out with so much tax burden,” he commented.

Cázares Oliveros highlighted that companies face challenges in the market, insecurity and increasingly heavy tax and labor burdens, with small and medium-sized companies being the most affected.

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Canaco Mazatlan

New plan in Canaco Mazatlán

Regardless of the new regulations, the president of Canaco assured that she will promote innovation, drive growth, strengthen business relations, support the members of the association and contribute to the social development of the region.

«The work plan is to work for all members, we have about 15 thousand in the southern area of Sinaloa in commerce and tourism, that is why we cover many areas and the main thing I am going to commit to is to work tirelessly for the benefit of merchants,” he expressed.

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Source: Rosina Grave from Punto MX on 2024-03-31 10:21:40

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