Go to the Stone Island pier for your fish!

Monday 1 April, 2024
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Mazatlán.- Right where Emilio Barragán Avenue begins and Gabriel Leyva Avenue ends is the Isla de la Piedra pier and there, a popular fish and seafood market. Hop up!

We already know that you are a tourist, but now with the Airbnb modality you have the option of cooking yourself, and if you come to Mazatlán and do not buy your fish at the Isla de la Piedra pier, it is wasting a magnificent opportunity.

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Yes, because there you will find fresh fish and seafood, it is the catch of the day, varied, depending on the season, and at a good price. What more do you want?


At the Stone Island pier they are waiting for you with your fish

Ernesto González Camberos, president of the Union of Fish and Seafood Sellers of Stone Island, expressed that during this Easter period they hope to have a rebound in their sales of up to 90 percent.

This, he said, because the destination will be packed, plus cruise ships arrive, the crew is a regular clientele, and they prepare their own food in the kitchens of the Pino Suárez Market restaurants, they are quite a spectacle, by the way.

He said that this emblematic site has fresh and high-quality products, and consumers will be able to notice this as soon as they arrive.

For this reason, he expressed, they hope to have good activity in their sales at least until Sunday, although they want the good time to last throughout the holidays.

The leader explained that this colorful and picturesque place has 22 fishmongers that make up the cooperative, where every day they seek to provide quality service in both products and service to their local and visiting customers.

In the place you can find shelves and coolers where they display shrimp, octopus, fillets and fresh fish such as donkey, snapper or eels, which are used, in addition to frying, to prepare ceviches, typical of the region.


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Source: Christian Bernal from Punto MX on 2024-03-29 13:59:32

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