Guerreras hounds find human remains in Culiacán

Monday 1 April, 2024
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The search group for missing persons, Female Warrior Hounds located human remains on the periphery of the urban area of ​​Culiacán.

The group reported the discovery, however, the condition of the remains or how many people they belong to have not been specified.

The discovery occurred in the area that borders the La Primavera dam with El Diez this Sunday, March 31.

Security authorities have already gone to the area, who have limited the sector and will take DNA samples from the remains to seek to identify them.

On March 21, the group found a lifeless person while conducting a search in the northwest area of ​​the city, specifically in the Álamo Grande sector.

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Source: from Noroeste Culiacán on 2024-03-31 13:01:34

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