Holy winds! Mexicali airport suspends operations

Monday 1 April, 2024
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MEXICALI.- Due to strong winds resulting from the Ninth Winter Storm, the roof of the Mexicali International Airport is suspended, therefore operations are suspended until further notice.

Strong gusts of wind affect Baja California this Saturday, which affected the Mexicali airport.

The administration urged airport users to contact their respective airlines to receive updated information regarding the status of their flights.

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“In order to guarantee the safety of its passengers and address the situation, the facilities will remain closed until further notice,” the airport reported in a statement.

Governor of Baja California asks for caution

Likewise, Governor Marina del Pilar urged citizens to protect themselves from the rains and gusts of wind predicted by the storm this Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st.

«Friends, the authorities of the Mexicali Airport inform us that, due to strong gusts of wind, the facilities will be subject to review, so it will remain closed until further notice.

“For all those who have a scheduled flight leaving Mexicali, we recommend contacting your airline to find out travel alternatives,” shared the governor.

Passenger and baggage check-in has been affected by weather damage, so the airport will not be reopened until necessary repairs are made.

What is the climate of Baja California, prevention measures

Following the arrival of the Ninth Winter Storm in Baja California, Civil Protection shared the following information: The rains will continue in the coastal area of ​​the entity. In addition, light rains are forecast in Mexicali and San Felipe.

On the other hand, snow or sleet is forecast in the Sierras of Baja California, and strong winds will continue throughout the State.

  • Avoid crossing streams, water currents and puddles
  • If you travel on the road, respect road signs and drive with caution.
  • Stay alert to official Civil Protection communications

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