nominated for “The Best of México 2024”

Monday 1 April, 2024
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For his history and biodiversity Composed of ravines and impressive canyons surrounded by rivers, as well as lagoons, the municipality Metztitlan is nominated in the category “Best Emerging Tourist Proposal” awards given by México Desconocido magazine.

Apart from its culture and traditions, this beautiful town has a biosphere reserve declared Natural Heritage of México by the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO).

Among its fascinating Barranca de Metztitlán Biosphere Reserve, still ancient temples and monasteries lie as well as natural spaces such as the Kinjua Springs, located in the town of San Pedro Ayotoxtla, bodies of turquoise spring water that enthrall visitors, as they cross rocky paths.

Four hours from México City, Metztitlán is one of the most fascinating and unique places in México. Gentleman where nature converges with historical spaces such as the Convento de los Santos Reyes, considered an architectural jewel of the 16th century.

His gastronomy It is an experience of flavor and tradition, since some recipes are of pre-Hispanic origin, others a colonial combination, but in the end, it remains in a recipe book composed of corn leaf tamales or fish tamale, lamb barbecue, zacatamal, the tecocos or the xalita, as well as its famous pumpkin palettes, culinary offerings to the delight of tourists and visitors.

Metztitlán competes against Puerto Balleto, in Nayarit; Ixtenco, in Tlaxcala; Guachochi, in Chihuahua; Santa Rosalía, in Baja California Sur; Pinal de Amoles, in Querétaro, and San Ignacio, in Sinaloa. These awards will be presented at the Tianguis Turístico de México 2024, which will be held from April 10 to 12 in Acapulco, Guerrero.

To choose and support this Hidalgo destination, you can access the site: until April 2 at 11:59 p.m.

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