Now in Nuevo León, at least 17 people are deprived of their liberty

Monday 1 April, 2024
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Now in Nuevo León, at least 17 people are deprived of their liberty


Members of the investigative police securing a property. (ARCHIVE)


Two municipalities in Nuevo León presented reports of the deprivation of liberty of at least 17 people.

Allegedly on Wednesday, an armed group violently deprived 12 members of three families of their freedom, including children and women, in the municipality of Salinas Victoria.

The kidnapping of these families was added to another that occurred last Saturday, of a family of five members who were “lifted” in Ciénega de Flores.

The Anti-Kidnapping Group of the State Prosecutor’s Office investigates both cases, but Also other reports of disappearances in municipalities in the north of Nuevo León according to the newspaper El Norte.

This episode is similar to one that occurred a few days ago in Culiacán, Sinaloa where at least 66 people were kidnapped by armed groups and only 58 have been released.


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Source: (EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN) from Portada, El Siglo de Torreón on 2024-03-29 10:40:38

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