The 11th State Mathematics Olympiad was held

Monday 1 April, 2024
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*It was based at the New México Militarized School *12 schools and around 70 students participated The facilities of the New México Militarized School witnessed the inauguration of the 11th State Mathematics Olympiad, an event organized by the Ministry of Public Education and Culture ( SEPYC), the competition had the participation of 12 schools from school zone 021. Crispín Moreno Alarcón, supervisor of zone 021 individuals, highlighted the importance of this event, which is held at the beginning of each school year, where it is held conducted a mathematics exam, a subject that arouses fear in many students, with the aim of encouraging young people to continue preparing and demonstrate what they have learned during the school year. The supervisor pointed out that the schools and institutes in zone 021 collaborate by providing spaces to hold these Olympics, in this case, the New México Militarized School lent its facilities for the event. Moreno Alarcón stressed that the Olympiad does not seek to create a direct competition between students, but rather an evaluation that allows them to measure their performance in comparison with other students in the area, the main focus is to motivate young people to continue preparing in this fundamental matter. Around 70 students participated in this edition, and the winners will have the opportunity to advance to the southern regional stage. Subsequently, the winners will have the challenge of facing the State and National stages, giving them a valuable opportunity to stand out in the mathematical field. at the national level.


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