The economic situation is not a limitation to travel, since you can practice local tourism, better known as “backpacking.”

Monday 1 April, 2024
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Traveling is important because it allows you to get to know other places, other people and get out of the daily routine and do so without affecting the family economy so much. It is possible if people responsibly plan their trip, since currently residents can practice local tourism. and discover new destinations for recreational purposes, said Dr. Víctor Vladimir Sánchez Mendoza.

According to the professor at the Mazatlán Tourism School, the economic issue is not a limitation when you want to travel, since this can be done if you take into account certain factors and allow yourself to get to know the tourist sites that your state has and which are suitable for carrying out local tourism or the so-called “backpacking”.

“Although this backpacking tourist considers himself or sees this situation on the economic side as a limitation, it is not, because, although we consider him as a tourist or a group of people who is going to move to another place for recreational purposes, this type of tourism segment can do it with low resources when the point to visit is planned,” he expressed.

He commented that this type of tourism helps an inhabitant of any municipality in the state to move to a town, learn about, explore and consume the tourist attractions offered there, in this case, he emphasized that, Sinaloa With its geographical perspective, it offers a diversity of sites located in the valley, the mountains or on the coasts of Sinaloa that allow for local tourism.

“This makes the inhabitants of Sinaloa They can move geographically, visit a place in one day and there is no problem because they do not travel long distances (…) this proximity tourism helps us visit and return,” he said.

He shared that apart from segments of sun and beach such as the port of Mazatlán, it has a variety of tourist attractions and places recognized with the distinction of Pueblo Mágico or Pueblo Señorial for their cultural, historical and gastronomic characteristics, which make them potentially in a destination to visit on the next vacation without greatly affecting the families’ pockets.

In that sense, he reported that geographically Sinaloa It has, in the north, the magical town of El Fuerte and the stately towns of Ahome and Choix; In the center-north is the magical town of Mocorito and stately towns such as Badiraguato and Sinaloa de Leyva; in the Center is the town of Imala, Cosalá and Tacuichamona; In the southern part there is the magical town of San Ignacio and El Rosario and stately towns such as El Quelite, La Noria and Concordia, among others.

“South of the state of Sinaloa In Cacalotán there are also religious activities and the segment of religious tourism can be promoted during Holy Week, but it is not unique to it, other types of tourism can be promoted such as adventure tourism, ecotourism, rural tourism, gastronomic where all these towns “They have this capacity to offer the Sinaloan visitor,” he stressed.

The tourism study specialist invited local tourism to be carried out in Sinaloa and thereby contribute to the economic benefits of the state, recommending that before embarking on any trip, planning the place you want to visit, having an itinerary, researching the types of accommodation offered by the destination and, if possible, making a reservation; establish an expense for food and consume local gastronomy, not incur unnecessary expenses, as well as, consider the safety of the destination where we want to travel, a factor that was considered essential for the trip to be successful and pleasant.

“Take advantage of these moments of moving and visiting one of these diverse destinations that have Sinaloa and that it can help the state itself to generate economic activity or a productive increase in each of the localities, is extremely important because that money that we were going to take to another part of the country or to another country, stays in our own state.” , external.

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