They criticize Eduin Caz for saying that he has already ‘resolved’ the band’s controversy in Mazatlán

Monday 1 April, 2024
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Internet users criticized Eduin Caz to appear until now, after the controversy of the ban of the band in Mazatlán.

And the Grupo Firme vocalist published a video on his social networks in which he is driving a golf cart, along with other of his bandmates. In the clip you hear the singer say: “We didn’t go to the march, but we did come to solve the problem.”

In the clip, the singer supposedly started a conversation with businessman Ernesto Coppel who made a request to regulate banda music on the beaches of Mazatlán. In the video, Eduin Caz convinces him that the bands can continue playing on the beach.

The clip was published after Mayor Edgar González Zatarain pointed out that there is no prohibition for musicians to play, but they have to request a permit from the authorities so that it is defined in which area they can play and they are given a badge.

However, Internet users expressed their support for the groups, as they affirm that they go to Mazatlán to enjoy the beach, the food and of course the banda music that is typical of this place.

In networks they criticize Eduin Caz for appearing until now after controversy in Mazatlán

In that sense, users criticized Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme and accused him of being “hanged up” because they pointed out that the singer arrived late, while the rest of the musicians from Mazatlán were the ones who had to face solving the problem.

“Now he will want to prove that he saved the musicians of Mazatlán”, “Don’t worry, Banda, Eduin already solved it!”, “No, wauuuuuuu, when he took care of it, no one showed their face, now that the musicians themselves have fixed it, there is no need to stand their necks”, “ Don’t be hanged and stand your neck when you haven’t resolved anything,” Internet users wrote in Eduin Caz’s video.

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Source: (Karen Rodríguez) from La Razón de México | Noticias e información en tiempo real. on 2024-03-30 14:40:50

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