They remove trash from beaches, boardwalks and accesses

Monday 1 April, 2024
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Mazatlán.- After an intense day and night of enjoying the amenities of Mazatlán… a long morning of deep cleaning in which Urban Cleaning workers remove trash from beaches, boardwalks and accesses.

Hundreds of kilos of waste accumulated on the port’s beaches, despite the authorities’ call not to pollute.

Therefore, early in the day, when the sun was barely rising and the fog was present, entire crews from the Public Services Directorate removed the garbage, mainly from the beaches.

During the day, the massive presence of bathers was observed throughout the coastal area… when they left, only the garbage was left; waste such as single-use plastics, wrappers, aluminum cans, Styrofoam containers and glass containers.

They remove up to 500 jumbo bags with garbage on beaches

The daily report indicates that more than 500 jumbo bags full of garbage are removed from the beach each morning from the beach area alone.

This garbage is added to the usual collection along the coastal promenade, where the staff in charge empties the containers and collects the bags and waste left outside the boats.

Crews are also in charge of sweeping and leaving clean the access areas to beaches, on the boardwalk, avenues and main streets that are also very busy these days of Semana Mayor.

The objective is to keep the areas clear of garbage and thus avoid contamination of the beaches or any public health problem due to the accumulation of garbage.

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