Best of Mazatlan | Beaches | Bike Ride | Local Craft Beer

Monday 8 April, 2024
1 min read

[Editor:  There’s a shortage of restaurant reviews this week … most of the videos are about the eclipse and the banda controversy.  I felt the beer section of this video applied though, so here you go … a little info on the local craft beer, along with some extra stuff!]

Join us on a captivating journey to Mazatlan, Mexico, with our latest video, “Beaches, Bikes, and Local Craft Beer.” Discover the allure of Playa Gaviotas, nestled in Mazatlan’s vibrant Golden Zone, where the Pacific’s refreshing waves kiss golden sands, offering a slice of paradise on the west coast. Join us as we pedal along the iconic Malecon, a scenic seaside trail that frames the city’s coastline, leading us from the bustling activity of the Golden Zone into the heart of Mazatlan’s historical center. Our adventure takes us through the lush greenery of Central Park and past the historic Venados Stadium, revealing layers of culture and tradition. The journey continues with a day trip to Stone Island, a tropical haven where tranquility meets adventure, just a short boat ride from centro. Here, the essence of Sinaloa comes alive in every bite of fresh seafood (mariscos), capturing the rich culinary heritage of the region. As the sun sets, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, we explore the local craft beer scene, a testament to Mazatlan’s burgeoning reputation as a haven for beer enthusiasts. Experience the blend of tropical paradise and urban charm in this enchanting west coast city, where every moment is a postcard waiting to be captured. Join us in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, where the Pacific’s embrace, the allure of the coast, and the spirit of Mexico come together in perfect harmony. “Beaches, Bikes, and Craft Beer” is more than a journey; it’s a human experience that celebrates the vibrant heart of Mazatlan.


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