They locate a Torreón hardware store employee reported missing on the road to Mazatlán

Monday 8 April, 2024
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Authorities located the employee’s vehicle thanks to GPS.

The employee of a hardware store in the city of Torreón who was reported missing along with a business vehicle was located safe and sound on the highway to Mazatlán, he ran out of gas.

It was last Monday when the worker named Francisco Javier Hernández Palacios left the business aboard a white Nissan truck with license plates FN8978B, which was loaded with tools and other materials.

It was reported that his destination was the town called El Saltó, belonging to the municipality of Pueblo Nuevo Durango, a place he did not arrive.

Those in charge of the company observed that the GPS signal indicated as the last location the town of General Máximo García, known as El Pino, which is located on the free highway to Mazatlán.

Due to the above, they notified the competent authorities, which shared the characteristics of the unit with the different security corporations of the entity.

Elements of the Durango State Police began the search in the communities of the region and managed to locate the vehicle at kilometer 47 of the highway to Mazatlán.

The driver argued that while driving he ran out of gas and when trying to start the engine the battery also discharged.

He also indicated that he could not communicate by any means to ask for help, so he had to spend the night at the scene.

The agents provided him with some food, also helped him get fuel and gave him power to the truck.

Finally, the business owners and the competent authorities were notified of his location, so he continued on his way to deliver the cargo he was transporting.


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Source: (EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN) from Portada, El Siglo de Torreón on 2024-04-03 10:57:27

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