Chef faces lawsuit from Americans for playing Mexican music in Puerto Vallarta restaurant

Monday 15 April, 2024
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México CITY (apro) said chef Julio Castillón.

Castillón denounced – through his TikTok account – that some American neighbors intend to close his restaurant Gaby’s, founded in 1989, in the historic center of Puerto Vallarta.

“Well, it turns out and it stands out that some gringos want to close my restaurant, a Mexican cuisine restaurant, with more than 35 years of history, here in the center of Puerto Vallarta, just because we play Mexican music,” the chef explained through his account. on the social network.

Currently, the chef is facing a lawsuit from some retired Americans who bought a residence next to Gaby’s, “for affecting their quality of life as retirees in Puerto Vallarta.” Castillón explained the complaint is in the administrative courts of the state of Jalisco, where he has to defend his license.

“I didn’t put my restaurant house next to your house, you bought the house next to a restaurant with more than 35 years of history and now it turns out that you come to my country and you have to adapt. “We are in a tourist area son!”

Castillón also accused that the singer Anais Belloso, also a local radio host, was attacked by these people on several occasions; Furthermore, he pointed out that Belloso no longer plays and lost her job, so he denounced that they have affected her financially.

After the chef announced his neighbors’ lawsuit, multiple people – Mexican and foreign – spoke out on social media against the neighbors and gathered at the restaurant to express their support for Gaby’s and there was even a mariachi, who They played in protest.

This support has also been encouraged by the situation of Sinaloan music bands in Mazatlán, where hoteliers and foreigners have complained about the “noise” produced by these groups in tourist areas. The situation led the government to impose schedules and zoning for the presence of bands on the beach, which led to a protest by musicians in the streets of the city.

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