For the inclusion of disabilities they run ‘5K your way’ in Culiacán

Monday 15 April, 2024
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The second edition of the “5K Your Way” was held in front of Orabá Island, a tour for Disability Inclusion 2024 coordinated by Estrella Guía and in which more than 1,500 people participated.

The race consisted of two lanes, the low speed lane or the left lane, which was for children, members of Emplea-M con Causa and Los Chuecos; and high-speed or straight, which included Los Chuecos, people with skates, bicycles, runners, walkers and civilians with pets.

The event began at 8:00 a.m., when they counted down for the left lane to leave and three minutes later the right lane would also join.

Likewise, the tour was organized by 150 Estrella Guía collaborators and one of them, Veisi Bernal, commented that the reason for the tour is to raise funds for schools for parents who have children with disabilities in four preschools in Culiacán. The above so that children who have not had early attention can enhance their abilities.

“It is an IAP Guiding Star fundraising event. We do it because we work to accompany and train parents who have children with disabilities, so our goal is to reach more families,” she commented.

“This event is to support the families we serve, our beneficiaries,” said Veisi Bernal.

The ticket had a price of 250 pesos and they sold 1,900 of the 2,000 that were available and it contained a kit for the race: a t-shirt, the runner’s number, a backpack.

“It is a very cool event where inclusion is promoted, it is very cool because, unlike other events, here we have high-speed and low-speed lanes where children and people with disabilities will be accommodated,” said the coordinator. .

On the other hand, Margarita Ahumada Ramirez, a mother, mentioned that this was the third time in which events of this type participated, that she and her family like to be present, because they have an infant with visual disabilities and they want to show your support.

“Super good, it’s the third time we’ve attended an event of this type to support the kids and well, it’s great for me because they raise funds, and they are non-profit activities,” he commented.

“It is very important to make a present, since we also have a boy, a child who has a visual disability, so we go to institutions to give us this support and so people realize that they are institutions that support,” he indicated. Ahumada Ramirez.

Likewise, Katy Burboa, who was accompanied by her son-in-law and grandchildren, stated that she felt excited because it was the first time she participated.

“I am very excited because it will be the first time I participate, but it is very exciting,” she said.

Estrella Guía is a non-profit institution that emotionally supports parents who have children with a disability or a barrier to learning. They provide therapy, support and training to adults so that their children can enhance their skills.

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