The Mayor of Mazatlán supervises works that are about to be completed at the Infonavit Alarcón

Monday 15 April, 2024
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The rehabilitation works of the drainage network are about to finish at the Infonavit Alarcón, so now the work of replacing the pavement and installing public lighting will be carried out, said Mayor Édgar González Zataráin when carrying out a tour of supervision of the works. in that part of the city.

”Here the fundamental issue is drainage, it is a very strong public health issue, which has been going on for many years and finally we see an end to the issue of Alarcón, not just this sector, it is the entire Alarcón, all the sectors of Alarcón, just as it is here, it is in the back or in the front that is being worked on simultaneously,” González Zataráin said in an interview at the scene.

”Seven fronts are working at the same time, everything that has to do with the pipe is already in the final part, this stage is practically concluding and then comes the replacement of the crockery, in other parts they are still working on the placement pipeline and what has to do with records.”

The Municipal President specified that the City Council’s work reaches the walls of the homes or where the sidewalks end and the neighbors already have to pay a plumber on their own to connect the drainage of the houses to the registers.

He said that complaints were presented to the Attorney General’s Office and to the City Council that allegedly the staff of the construction company carrying out the work was charging the inhabitants for the connection to the drainage network, but for the work itself there is no cost. for the neighbors, but they do have to hire a plumber to connect the service from their homes to the registers and they do have to pay for that.

Regarding the wastewater that falls into the canal that passes through said human subdivision and that is also seen in the Arroyo Jabalíes, he said that what happens is that when they are working on the drainage network they vent into the canal and that same thing is happening. watching on Avenida Insurgentes.

”Here what they do is when they are working on the network they vent towards the canal, in fact we are seeing it in Insurgentes too, they vent because the drainage cannot be left between the houses here, what they do is open drains, large ones so that wash the canal, somewhere that drainage that was going into the streets is slowly running out, but when they have an emergency that you have to interconnect, you add pumps and unfortunately you throw them there (into the canal (because it is impossible to do so). serve in pipes, it is too much,” expressed the Municipal President.

“But it’s going to end, all of that has to end, it was the same thing that was happening at the Bureaucrat, the Bureaucrat has a similar problem, we’re going to deal with it there, from here we’re going to the Bureaucrat.”

Neighbors also asked that trees on Las Garzas Avenue be pruned and one of those trees removed from the area because its roots damage homes.

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