Southern cheesemakers sacrifice their profits for this reason

Monday 29 April, 2024
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Mazatlán. – The problem of costs in acquiring a liter of milk worries cheesemakers in the south of Sinaloa as they sacrifice their profits due to the recent price increase, which makes it difficult to produce their products.

Currently, the profitability margin is much lower, which has led to ruling out the possibility of updating their prices in the short term, according to Salvador Osuna Osuna, president of the Union of Cheesemakers of the South of Sinaloa.

Osuna mentioned that they have chosen not to update the prices of their products for the moment, given that sales have decreased in recent days. They prefer to wait for a more favorable moment to make it public and avoid greater losses.

«We have not yet increased the price per kilo of cheese. We have agreed to do it, but later. Sales are very low, 70 percent, so we have not increased it yet. Although it is still profitable, we are absorbing the increase in milk, which sacrifices our profits,” he explained.

The leader of the cheese makers of southern Sinaloa He highlighted that as temperatures rise and milk yield decreases, it will be inevitable for them to have to adjust prices to avoid further economic losses.

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southern cheesemakers

Southern cheese makers would increase prices

«We do not rule it out. The increase will probably occur when the climate becomes hotter. “We have discussed this among the cheesemakers,” he stated.

The issue of milk has been a recent concern, since a few weeks ago the pasteurizers increased the price of a liter of milk by 50 cents for farmers, which also affects cheesemakers. However, they are finding solutions for the moment.

Osuna added that as they are small family businesses, they can maintain themselves and satisfy the demand for groceries, but it will be necessary to adjust prices for the consumer in the near future.

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Source: Christian Bernal from Punto MX on 2024-04-24 12:26:23

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