They report plagiarism of a PT candidate in Chiapas

Monday 29 April, 2024
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Chiapas, México.- Rey David Gutiérrez Vázquez, registered just last April 24 as a candidate of the Labor Party (PT) for the Mayor of Frontera Comalapa, Chiapas, was kidnapped by an armed group, according to local reports.

Gutiérrez Vázquez, known as ‘El Rey Amigo’, was inside a relative’s house last Saturday night when armed men took him away around 11:00 p.m., according to family members and security sources.

During this Sunday, his relatives had planned a march to demand security in the region that borders Guatemala, however, they decided to suspend it for security reasons.

In the entity, it was stipulated that on April 30 the campaigns for the different City Councils will begin and also to renew the local Congress.

Likewise, the race for Governorship began weeks ago.

So far, no authority has reported on the criminal act that adds to a wave of violence in the area, where a week ago the presidential candidate of MorenaClaudia Sheinbaum, was detained by a hooded police checkpoint in Motozintla.

Just two days ago, in Frontera Comalapa, the closure of businesses was alerted, as well as the blocking of a stretch of road by criminal groups.

Even in the midst of these shootouts and confrontations that have been going on for months now between hitmen from the Cartel Sinaloa and Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), in September 2023 the president of the Municipal Council of Frontera Comalapa, Alejandro Mérida, decided to give the ‘Cry of Independence’ virtually.

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Source: Agencia Reforma from El Diario on 2024-04-28 15:24:45

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