Chronology of missing foreign surfers in Baja California; they locate bodies

Monday 6 May, 2024
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“And it begins,” he posted Callum Robinson on Instagram, in a series of stories titled México 2024, with an emoji of a surfer. Callum is one of the brothers missing for a week in Baja California.

In the publication he added more snapshots of his trip: taco stands, brightly colored buildings and in which his brother Jake is also seen. In one of the latest publications it is read that they are in Playa San Miguel, in Ensenada.


In recent days, it was reported that three surf fans were last seen on April 27 in Bocana de Santo Tomás, a tourist destination in the municipality of Ensenada, in the state of Baja California, bordering the United States.

This Saturday, local authorities reported that the physical characteristics of the three bodies found in a Baja California resort match those of two Australians and an American who disappeared last week during a surfing trip.

What is known about his last trip?

The Australian doctor Jake Robinson, 30, flew to San Diego, where his older brother Callum lived, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported. According to her mother, Debra Robinson, they both share a passion for surfing.

The outlet quotes Rodrigo Leal Bravo from the local surf shop, who recalls that “They were excited about their surf trip and were heading south”. “Their brotherhood was so admirable” he told the Australian media.

According to the statements, the brothers were going towards Punta San José, which is remote from the surf shop.

“I didn’t think anything should happen to those big, strong guys, did I?” said Leal Bravo.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation quotes Austin Pickle an American surfer: “I remember seeing a guy who… could have been like a rugby player or a top division soccer player.”

The outlet also quotes Ana Cristina Heym Cárdenas who works at a cafe about an hour north of Punta San José: “It is not normal here that three people disappear like this and burn their car and all that” said.

“We know that some areas here in Baja California are dangerous (…) We feel very sad because there are good people here [en Baja] which likes international tourists. “We don’t want other people to think it’s too dangerous for people.”

“Contact me, please”

His mother, Debra Robinson, “He felt something was wrong when his children stopped answering their phones during their vacation together in northern México” reported the aforementioned Australian media.

In late April, she joined a Baja Facebook group, posted a photo of her children together and issued a petition. “They were supposed to book an Airbnb in Rosarito after their camping weekend, but they didn’t show up” public.

According to the medium, “While other members of the group tried to reassure her, reminding her that cell phone reception in the area is spotty and that roads are often unreliable, she insisted that her disappearance was “out of place””.

“Callum is a type one diabetic so there is a medical concern as well. Please contact me if you have seen them or know their whereabouts,” she wrote. “Please please please”.

Separated from their belongings and those involved

“It is an atypical, exceptional case” Attorney General María Elena Andrade Ramírez told ABC. “We have a tourist influx and there has not been a similar case.”

The Australian media recalls that at some point the brothers and their friend were separated from their belongings, among which a telephone stands out, for which a 23-year-old Mexican woman was arrested.. Authorities traced the device to her.

The couple and the woman’s brother were also arrested. According to the medium, “They were allegedly in possession of illicit drugs, but this incident does not appear to be related to organized crime.”

The brothers’ car was found burned. “We have seized a cell phone and a firearm.” said Andrade Ramírez.

“The firearm was found in the truck of a private individual currently under investigation (…) A criminal scene has already been processed where we found evidence that someone burned remains of tents, clothing, drink bottles and some evidence related to this case”.

“Surfing is a passion they both share” Mrs. Robinson said about her children, the Australian outlet reported. “We ask people to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.”

Bodies located in northern México would be those of 3 missing foreigners, authorities say

Three bodies that were recovered in an area of ​​Baja California are probably those of the two Australians and an American who disappeared last weekend during a camping and surfing trip, the state prosecutor’s office reported on Saturday.

Although it has not yet been confirmed by a forensic examination, the physical characteristics – including hair and clothing – suggest that there is a high probability that the bodies are those of the three tourists, local television station Milenio reported with statements from the state attorney general, María Elena Andrade Ramírez.

“It is presumed that (the bodies) correspond to those investigated” A state prosecutor’s office employee who was not authorized to be quoted by name told The Associated Press.

The bodies were located in a well where investigators found another body that, according to authorities, will be investigated.

“A fourth body was located. It is not related to the three foreigners. “The fourth body had been there for a long time,” added the official.

The place where the bodies were located, near the municipality of Santo Tomás, was close to the remote coastal area where the surfers’ tents and van were found on Thursday.

The men—whom their relatives identified as brothers Jake and Callum Robinson from Australia and the American Jack Carter Rhoad— disappeared on Saturday in the area. They did not show up at the accommodations they had reserved for the weekend.

“We are aware of these reports (of bodies) and are closely monitoring the situation. At this time we have no further comments” said the United States Department of State.

The Baja California prosecutor’s office had said on Thursday that They were questioning three people in connection with the case. On Friday, The agency stated that the three had been arrested and charged with a crime equivalent to kidnapping. It is unknown if they could face more charges.

Andrade Ramírez said that The evidence found along with the abandoned tents was linked to the three people questioned about the missing foreigners.

The mother of the missing Australians, Debra Robinson, asked for help Wednesday in locating her children in a message on a local community’s Facebook page. Robinson noted that she had not heard from Callum and Jake since April 27. They had reserved accommodation in the city of Rosarito.

Robinson noted that one of his sons, Callum, was diabetic. He also mentioned that the American accompanying them was named Jack Carter Rhoad, but the US embassy in México City did not immediately confirm this information. The US State Department said it was aware of reports of a missing citizen in Baja California, but did not provide further details.

In 2015, two Australian surfers, Adam Coleman and Dea Lucas were murdered in the state of Sinaloa in the northwest of the country and on the other side of the Gulf of California. Authorities said they were victims of thieves and three suspects were arrested in connection with the case.

Mexican authorities point out that the murder of foreign surfers was due to robbery

Mexican authorities indicated this Sunday that the probable homicide of the three foreign surfers near Ensenada (Baja California), in northwest México, was due to the theft of a vehicle in which they were traveling and that the bodies present “gunshot hole in the head.”

According to the hypothesis of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Baja California, shared at a press conference, the two Australian brothers Callum and Jake Robinson the American Jack Carter Road They would have opposed the robbery, which would have cost them their lives.

The preliminary conclusions of the state prosecutor, María Elena Andrade, indicate that The alleged criminals wanted to get rid of the bodies by throwing them into a well, where four bodies were located. of which it is presumed that three correspond to foreigners.

Seeing that what was originally a robbery got out of control, they try to get rid of the bodies by throwing them into this well, a distance between six and seven kilometers from the place of the first discovery. This is what happened. It was not an attack as tourists. It was in the capacity of stealing a vehicle. Surely they did not know the origin of these people.” Andrade said in his appearance.

The prosecutor added that “They all have a gunshot wound to the head.”

Although the bodies have not been officially recognized by their families, The prosecutor of the state in northern México stated that there is a “high probability” that the three bodies correspond to foreigners reported missing since April 27.

It was on Friday afternoon when the authorities proceeded to rescue the bodies, after It was possible to establish a place where it was warned that the bodies of the three foreigners could be.

In addition, Mexican authorities reported the identification of at least three people who could be related to this incident. two men and a woman, all arrested for drug possession, while a arrest warrant against Jesús Gerardo, alias ‘El kekas’ for the crime of forced disappearance.

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