New demonstration of agricultural producers against Governor Rubén Rocha breaks out

Monday 6 May, 2024
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CULIACAN, Sin. (approx). – Once again agricultural producers protested against Governor Rubén Rocha Moya for the guaranteed prices of corn, which was agreed at 5,457 pesos per ton, well below what they initially demanded.

And, in protest, they took over the Costa Rica toll booth, a municipality south of Culiacán, and even threatened that if they were not received by Governor Rocha, they would also take over those of Guasave and Ahome, municipalities north of Sinaloa.

In June of last year, producers from across the state took over the Culiacán International Airport for more than 48 hours, because they were not guaranteed the purchase of the product, which then totaled up to 5 million tons produced in the state. last agricultural cycle in Sinaloa.

For this cycle, an agreement was reached together with the federation to set a guarantee price of 5,457 pesos per ton, something that the producers called insufficient due to production costs, which did not exceed 3.8 million tons per the lack of support, the drought and the absence of purchase schemes by the government.

“The need that we have for the prices of the corn harvest, the price that the federal government sets for us, is not satisfactory for us producers because we would lose out, so, we brought a petition to the governor to let him know our disagreement and that He will listen to our proposal, but the man does not want to respond, so he forces us to do this,” explained one of the protesters.

The price requested by local producers was at least 6,900 pesos per ton, an amount agreed upon in the last agricultural cycle through Segalmex; however, for the new cycle, a payment of 5,457 pesos per ton was set as a guarantee price. ton, after negotiations and landed on April 25.

Prior to the takeover of the Costa Rica booth, south of Culiacán, producers demonstrated in the courtyard of the government palace, however, they were not received by the governor.

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Source: Aarón Ibarra from Proceso on 2024-04-29 19:25:44

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