The Bold Path of Pueblo Bonito Founder, Ernesto Coppel Kelly

Monday 6 May, 2024
1 min read

*The importance of audacity and losing fear *New investments are coming for Mazatlán The successful businessman, Ernesto Coppel Kelly, shared his inspiring story of perseverance at the business breakfast ‘Audacity: the game of life’, organized by Coparmex Mazatlán. From the beginning, he held various jobs that allowed him to forge key connections for his rise. In the 1980s, with personal savings and a bank loan, he gave life to the first Pueblo Bonito in the port of Mazatlán. Today, this hotel group has expanded its presence to exclusive destinations such as Los Cabos and San Miguel de Allende, employing nearly 5 thousand people. Coppel Kelly emphasized the importance of audacity, expressing in an interview that overcoming fear and making decisions are crucial elements for success. In addition, he announced significant investment plans, including an initial investment of $100 million in residential projects in Mazatlán.


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