Mother’s Day: Grandmother raises her grandchildren after her daughter’s disappearance

Monday 13 May, 2024
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Almost five years ago, María Esther Sotomayor Márquez went from grandmother to becoming the mother of two of her grandchildren, in the absence of her daughter María Gabriela Fong Sotomayor, who was last seen on June 7, 2019, before leaving. to the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Since then his whereabouts have been unknown as there is no clue.

Ángel and Sergio, 15 and 13 years old respectively, as well as Christian, who is at his paternal grandmother’s house, are the children left behind by María Gabriela, then 25 years old.

Now they call her mom, and they are what keeps her standing, because her pain is still there, stuck in her chest like it has been since the first day her daughter disappeared. “It has been very difficult,” acknowledged the woman, who is a mother. of four adults now, because taking care of their grandchildren was like “starting over.” Economically it has been hard, since only one of her daughters is the one who supports her for the expenses required for the education and maintenance of her two new children, as well as psychological care, since the absence of her mother did affect them, especially the minor.

“It’s difficult because now in their youth they do remember their mother, they bring their little pain. I take Ulises (Sergio) to a psychologist, yes the absence has affected them, he is rebellious, I entertain him in many things,” he shared Esther.

The grandmother who became a mother said that she works tirelessly to support them, but she is also part of the Vida group and is part of the searchers who maintain the hope of finding their loved ones who have not returned home.

“I work, I don’t rest a day of the week, I’m not interested, what I want is for my children to be well and get ahead. They are the ones who keep me on my feet,” he said sadly.

Since her daughter is not at home, May 10, Mother’s Day, is over at her house, but not only that, but all the celebrations.

“I don’t celebrate, nothing, not even in December, it’s all over. It’s a very strong pain that I just bring,” she shared while a couple of tears rolled down her cheek. And this year will be no different, although her older children shower her with kisses and hugs to show her their love on this day, which becomes difficult for her.

Regarding her daughter’s investigation, Esther commented that there is no progress or clues. The only thing that the State Prosecutor’s Office has requested Sinaloa They were DNA samples from her and another of her daughters.

Any information that helps find his whereabouts, contact 8712 054 006.

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