New Requirements For Taking Your Dog To The USA From México: Regardless Where It Originated

Monday 13 May, 2024
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Starting August 1, 2024 the new rules from the CDC will go into effect.

This will make sending our rescue dogs up north considerably more challenging.

CDC issues regulations to control the entry of dogs into the United States from other countries. These rules apply to all dogs, including puppies, service animals, and dogs that left the United States and are returning. They also apply whether you are a U.S. citizen, legal U.S. resident, or foreign national.

If you don’t follow CDC’s rules, your dog won’t be allowed to enter the United States. If denied entry, your dog will be sent back to the last country of departure at your expense. Country of departure is where the last trip originated—not where the dog was born or where it lives.

For more information here is the link : Bringing a Dog into the United States | Bringing an Animal into U.S. | Importation | CDC

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Source: México Daily Post from The México City Post on 2024-05-10 10:22:40

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