Opposition coalition warns of risk in 50 thousand polling stations

Monday 13 May, 2024
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México City.- The Force and Heart for México coalition (PAN, PRI and PRD) that promotes Xóchitl Gálvez’s campaign prepared a risk map with which it warned that in at least 50 thousand of the 170 thousand polling stations that will be installed on June 2 There is a medium or high risk of violence for candidates and the general population.

On the map, colored in red, appear México City (55.39%), Guerrero (83.5), Morelos (52), Quintana Roo (93), Sonora (51), Baja California (40), Nayarit (48), Sinaloa (38) Tabasco (85), Veracruz (55) and Zacatecas (79) as the most dangerous and/or risky places for the federal election.

According to the document, there are 14,119 electoral sections with a high rate of violence and 6,297 with a medium rate.

Yucatán and Querétaro (in the hands of the PAN), Durango (PRI) and Baja California Sur (Morena) have zero percentage of sections with high and medium index.

The map was presented at the campaign house by the general coordinator, Santiago Creel; the leader of the PRD, Jesús Zambrano; PRI federal deputy Rubén Moreira, responsible for the security project; and by the general secretary of the PAN, Noemí Berenice Luna.

After explaining that the INE had not attended to the resolution adopted by the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF) to adopt protection measures in the most risky areas, Creel Miranda reported that the map had been sent to the electoral referee, to the electoral magistrates and the heads of the Interior, Security and Citizen Protection, Navy and Defense.

“Today we see with great concern that the electoral authority has not issued the protocol for guidance and action by the authorities to safeguard the physical integrity of public servants, voters and candidates in high-risk areas due to the presence of organized crime. “It is an omission by the electoral authority itself,” summarized the campaign leader.

“The purpose of this document that we present today to civil and military authorities is to warn, in a timely manner, so that what has happened in past elections does not occur, and for each authority to guarantee our elections so that they are carried out in peace”.

In a situation marked by the murder of 63 candidates or people related to the ongoing process, the members of the opposition campaign urged the INE and the Government authorities to adopt measures as soon as possible to guarantee free and peaceful voting.

Deputy Rubén Moreira wondered how it could be guaranteed that in Zacatecas, one of the most dangerous states, voters could go to the polls and return to their homes.

“We are concerned about the minimization of the problem, the disqualification that is made by the authorities of this country, particularly by the Ministry of Security; we are concerned about the measures that have been taken so far, because we consider them to be insufficient,” he said.

“The number of sections that we have identified with the highest risk is 20 percent of this country. And a number of medium risk sections, 8.29 percent and add up to 29 percent of the sections of this country with some type of risk “he explained.

PRD member Jesús Zambrano questioned: “Why the hell doesn’t the Government decide to fight crime? This is an early warning alert, a preventive demand for the IBE to take action on the matter, it is an emergency call.

The PAN member Luna Ayala urged the INE advisors to identify risk areas as soon as possible and take measures that guarantee the free exercise of the vote, without any coercion or intimidation.

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Source: Mayolo López / Agencia Reforma from El Diario on 2024-05-09 15:26:50

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