To the sound of the accordion, the Sandoval Oropeza family pays tribute to their mother in the Civil Pantheon

Monday 13 May, 2024
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The Sandoval Oropeza family paid tribute to their mother Refugio, who died three years ago, to the sound of the accordion with the song ‘A year ago’ by Antonio Aguilar, which was played by Irma Alicia, one of the sisters.

Her mother lies in the Civil Pantheon of Culiacán and shares a chapel next to her husband and two of her children who preceded her on the path several years ago.

The remaining children, 13 of them, visit her constantly and still maintain that family union, meeting at Refugio’s house and cleaning her house, as well as watering her flowers.

Mario César, one of the brothers, commented that visiting his mother is a way to still feel her presence, as well as decorating her resting place with flowers, candles and incense.

“We come to honor the memory of my mother, which is our origins, my father and her formed us and well, they are alive in us, in our blood. We are happy to decorate her chapel with flowers, we put incense and my sister plays the accordion, because my mother taught her to play the accordion,” she said.

“Well, I feel her presence, it feels good to honor her memory, remember her, and here we all live in Culiacán and here we have her and we feel her. Her house is the same, her plants, her flowers, sheets, her bedspreads, they change her sheets and we all meet at her house,” said Sandoval Oropeza.

Likewise, Mario Cesar expressed that his family is gifted with musical talent, since some sing, others played the guitar, as in the case of his deceased brothers. Likewise, his mother liked the accordion and, at the same time, she taught Irma Alicia and gave her hers after her.

That’s why they went to visit her to sing to her, play her favorite songs and express their affection, since wherever she is, they will always continue to love her.

“It is important, it is our backbone as a family and we try to instill it in our children,” explained Sandoval Oropeza.

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Source: from Noroeste Culiacán on 2024-05-10 13:09:58

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