Anabel Hernández denounces censorship for a book that links AMLO to organized crime

Monday 20 May, 2024
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México CITY (apro).– Journalist Anabel Hernández assured that she has suffered censorship following the publication of her book “The Secret History, AMLO and the Cartel of Sinaloa”, and that talking about the president “is more dangerous” than talking about organized crime.

The journalist stated that she has been censored on her social media accounts and on radio programs; “They have lowered them, it is evident that there is an army of censorship that is attacking this material because the president is afraid.”

During the presentation of his book, Hernández said he had audios according to which the three presidential campaigns of Andrés Manuel López Obrador were financed by organized crime.

He considered that his book should be called “AMLO’s forbidden book,” since it contains “dozens of testimonies” about the president’s alleged links with these groups.

“The president seeks to silence me in a way; “I live in exile in this government because the same bosses who wanted to kill me are still there today,” he said.

“I have never ever suffered censorship of this magnitude, there are many ways to want to kill a journalist; The president does it with his tongue whenever he feels like it here in the National Palace, but he also does it through censorship, censorship punishes, represses the journalist, but above all it affects society because it does not allow society to have access to other sources of information and serious journalistic investigations,” he said.

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